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Providing gentle, humane wildlife removal service in Wixom Michiganand the surrounding areas. We are devoted to preserving the balance between people and nature.

Animal Pest Removal

Our team of skilled wildlife technicians in Wixom MI are trained specifically for the animals local to your area. We specialize in squirrel, raccoon, skunk, snake, groundhog, bat, and dead animal removal. We also offer a wide variety of other humane nuisance animal removal services covering moles, voles, and other unwanted wildlife, nuisance animals and pests.

When Do Skunks Spray

Once your Wixom home or property has been humanely cleared of wildlife, our experienced nuisance animal trapping technicians make sure that it is restored and repaired so that wildlife cannot re-enter the property. All our Michiganwildlife professionals are licensed and insured for your protection and comply with all laws regarding Wixom wildlife control and pest prevention.

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Once our wildlife control services have been completed, we assess your property to determine the nature of the damage the animal has caused and what needs to be done to remediate your home and protect it from similar problems in the future. Were able to offer an extensive number of animal proofing and remediation services from insulation replacement to gap seals. Closing up cracks and holes in your home can help prevent insects, mice, and even bats from entering your house. Our vent caps are designed specifically to stop raccoons and squirrels from making your attic their den.

Skunk Repellant

There are many Detroit pest control companies for animals out there, but not all of them are licensed and insured professionals. Make sure that you hire a competent expert for your Detroit exterminator of wildlife. At Platinum Wildlife Removal, we will be courteous and friendly and take the time to answer your questions. Give our Detroit trappers at Platinum Wildlife Removal a call, and we will listen to your problem, and make an appointment to perform an inspection.

How To Get Rid Of Skunks In Your Yard

Imagine the scenario: you're sitting around late one fall evening with your family, watching television. You have been hearing odd noises in your attic for some time, but assume it's just the mice that you have problems with every fall, or the birds that have a nest in your eaves that you haven't taken down. Then, you walk into the kitchen to get a snack, and run right into a confrontation with a bat. What do you do?

After you're done panicking and running away from the bat, you should calmly assess the situation and try to see if the bat made its way out of your home or not. If you find the bat again, then you need to call a bat removal Massachusetts specialist. If you don't find the bat, you should still call, and potentially call more so because you can't find the bat than if you did. Just because you can't find them doesn't mean that they are gone. On the contrary, one lost bat in your house usually points to a whole batty family making themselves at home in your attic.

You shouldn't take into consideration the time of day or the expense of bat removal Massachusetts. Living in a house with bats is very dangerous. They can bite you without you even knowing it if you are sleeping and their guano creates toxic air for you to breathe. If you cannot get a bat removal Massachusetts company out to your home right away, you need to consider staying somewhere else to keep your family safe and healthy until the bat problem is solved. It might seem like if you leave them alone it will be fine, but do you really want to jeopardize your family by taking that risk?

Bat removal Massachusetts is a very popular industry, because bats are so prominent in the Northeast United States. The majority of companies that you call will offer bat removal and exclusion programs, which will get the bats out of your home and keep them out for a few years to come. No one company can guarantee you a bat-free lifetime, because wear and age can create more gaps and cracks in your home down the road, no matter how solid it was built or how well it was repaired. These tiny cracks and gaps are like a neon welcome sign to bats and other creatures looking for a warm dry nest. Take the time to check for these things on a regular basis and you'll have a much better chance of keeping the bats out for good.

Dead Raccoon Clean UpRaccoons In The Attic

Michigan is full of wildlife, including snakes, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, opossums, and more. Wildlife removal is a complex field. I recommend professional Detroit wildlife control services if you want to solve a critter problem legally and correctly. For example, it is necessary to perform correct preventative repairs to keep pest animals a out of your house for good. We perform full building inspection, do the the repairs and we also offer attic decontamination if necessary. Rats and mice love to live in attics, and can chew wires or leave droppings. In fact Detroit wildlife frequently enter homes, and correct removal is not a simple task.

We also service the towns of Romulus, Canton, Melvindale, Wyandotte, Dearborn Heights, Trenton and also animal control in Lincoln Park, Northville, Grosse Pointe, Highland Park, Inkster and pest control in Plymouth, Allen Park, Dearborn, Grosse Pointe Woods, Redford and wild animal services in Riverview, Southgate, Westland, River Rouge, Grosse Pointe Park and wildlife management in Garden City, Woodhaven, Hamtramck, Ecorse, Livonia, Taylorbr.

How To Catch A Skunk

Chimney Animals: Animals living in a chimney are typically the result of having an uncapped chimney that is either near branches or on a home that is frequented with animals. Common situations for Michigan wildlife in chimneys is raccoons and raccoon mother with litters of babies denning in the spring, squirrels that have fallen down the chimney and are unable to climb back up, birds that have fallen down and are unable to fly up the chimney, chimney swifts which are able to fly out once reaching adult size, bat colonies roosting inside of the chimney and we have even encountered a duck that had fell into the chimney and sadly died.Animal removal from chimneys will vary in methods from animal to animal. Raccoons are usually either fished out by hand or if the correct time of the year they areevicted with a hormone treatment, squirrels can typically be scared into running up a rope that has been dropped down the chimney, birds that can not fly must be hand removed, and chimney swifts and bats must be removed with a one way valve once the young are able to fly.

Skunk Repellant

Wildlife control in Michigan is a constant need. Wildlife and human populations in Michigan are both growing and as they grow, conflict between homeowners and nuisance wildlife is growing. We help mediate these situations so that humans and wildlife can live in harmony through humane methods. Wildlife control does not end when the animal trapping has been completed. Without wildlife exclusion, Michigan wildlife species are notorious for locating dens that have been previously occupied and moving right in. This is in large part to the odors that are left behind from blood, hair, urine, feces and even dead carcasses.

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Oakland County Wildlife Removal Tip: Will repellents get a squirrel out of the attic? Raccoons are one of the squirrels biggest predators so if the squirrel can smell the bigger animal around, itll be more likely to flee and set up home somewhere else. Thats the fact of the matter - thats the way the natural food chain works and sometimes, just sometimes, you can use this in your favor. If you have a squirrel in your attic, you wont be able to deal with the problem completely until youve sealed up all the holes and fixed all the damage, but if trapping and removing the creature seems a little too difficult, there is one repellent you could try. Its the only one that has been proven to have any effect - eviction fluid. Its made with the urine and other bodily fluids from male raccoons and it can work to get rid of squirrels and female raccoons in some places. With squirrels, its because it thinks there is a threat of attack nearby. If you felt that, wouldnt you want to move away too?

Skunk Deterrents

What is wildlife removal and what is considered wildlife?

The following is an interview with our local, licensed Wildlife Control Operator. He is a licensed Wildlife Control Operator located in eastern North Carolina but we are finding that the further we humans encroach on the forest and wetlands the more these services are needed throughout the United States of America.

Wildlife removal is the business of removing nuisance wildlife in and around residential or

commercial structures. Wildlife or nuisance wildlife is any wild animal that is causing damage or presenting safety concerns towards personal property, commercial property or people or pets.

Four Points most important things about protecting yourself from wildlife.

1)Always remember no matter how cute the animal is, baby or adult animal, it is still

a wild animal and wild animals can be dangerous at any time.

2)Never get in the habit of feeling wild animals - it makes them dependent on humans

to survive, instead of its natural instincts - makes them less wary of human, causing them

to get bolder and possibly attack.

3)Keep house and outbuildings and commercial buildings in a good state of repair. Wild

animals often look for weaknesses in a structure to find den sites to raise their young. Once in the structure they can cause a lot of damage which can become quite costly. They defecate inside the structure which can cause human health problems.

4)Rabies is another health concern when dealing with wild animals. Take precautions

when working or playing in the out of doors where wildlife may be present.

How do I choose a wildlife removal service?

*Is the Wildlife Control Operator (WCO) licensed?

*Do they have liability insurance? If so how much 100,000 dollars of coverage is easy to obtain. There is no excuse not to have protection for the unknown circumstances.

*Did the WCO provide you with a variety of control options?

*Is the WCO knowledgeable or belong to State, local, or national organizations?

Are there any other services Wildlife Removal Services provide other than removal?

*We also provide exclusion so the animals will not return or new animals will not inhabit your property. We also do minor repairs to residential property caused by wildlife, if the damage is deemed serious or commercial in nature we have sub-contractors we can recommend to aide you in restoring your property.

*We also provide dead animal removal. So there you have the answers to a few questions with an expert in his field. He leaves us with just one pundit of food for thought.

" Sorry for the inconvenience but we do not remove MICE, RATs, INSECTS, or INLAWS."

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What makes us different than any other Michigan wildlife control company is that we provide permanent wildlife control solutions while other companies deal in the short term solutions that need fixing every year. We not only provide inspectors that can asses damages and repair cost, leaving nothing in the dark, but we also provide simple tips and tricks to make pest animals and rodents among other things stay away for good. Our goal isnt to push unnecessary costs on you. We only give what is needed and there are no hidden fees or cost. You get exactly what you pay for, no strings attached.

Oakland County Nuisance Animal Management Services

My Cat's Late Night Visitors by Robert Wilson Alexander

My cat Spike is very laid back . He's a lover, not a fighter, so it was with surprise that one morning as I was feeding him his daily ration of cat food, I saw two scratches on his nose. He ate the food like he was famished, instead of taking a few bites then going somewhere to think the situation over. Normally he would then come back to his bowl and begin to eat again. At the time I didn't know there were raccoons eating his food at night.

Spike sleeps in the garage. He has a cat door to the outside, so he comes and goes as he pleases. Only on the coldest winter nights does he sleep in the house, preferring the solitude of his own kingdom where there is always silence after dark. His quiet time was shattered one night a couple of hours after dinner. I heard a noise in the garage that sounded like something falling from a shelf. I opened the door to the garage and saw a large raccoon scurrying from the cat's bowl to the opening in the pet door. He scooted through the door to the outside, then turned around and stuck his head back through the door, staring at me as if I should be sorry for interrupting his dinner.

The next day surveying the damage to my exterior door, where the raccon had scratched and torn at the pet door to get inside the garage, I did some studying about the subject of raccoon removal. I found out that they are nocturnal animals, sleeping all day and feeding and roaming at night. I also learned that there are ways to remove raccoons without shooting them. They are as follows:

Remove their food supply! This sounded like such a good idea that I tried it and it worked. I brought the cat's dish into the house. That didn't deter the raccoon in the least. He chewed the lids off the five gallon containers that held the cat food, scattering it all over the garage. This dampened my spirits somewhat, but I was determined to drive him from our house forever!

Play the radio loudly in the areas the raccoon has invaded! They will think someone is talking and stay away! I turned the radio in the garage to a station that played rap music all night rap station and turned up the volume. If that didn't do the trick nothing would. It didn't work! Somehow he climbed up a bookshelf onto the top of a refrigerator where I had stored the cat food. He pushed it off onto the floor, dry cat food bouncing on the concrete floor like raindrops on a roof.

Trap the animals. I called the city animal control people and they brought me a trap. This was a big cage that would catch the raccoon without hurting it. The theory is that the raccoons would enter the trap, stepping on the trip mechanism as they ate the bait, (cat food), thus tripping the trap door. The raccoons would be caught, the city would then remove the animal to a safe place, miles away from my house and all would be peaceful again. Wrong! The only thing I caught was my cat Spike! Twice!

I learned that those traps do work, but raccoons are very intelligent. You have to put concrete blocks or some kind of barrier around the sides of the trap so they won't put their paws into the cage and grab the food without springing the trap. Raccoons have paws with fingers that enable them to grasp food and stuff it into their mouths.

By this time I realized I had a family of raccooons. By now I had seen five; two adults and three young ones. The young ones let me take their pictures while munching on Spike's cat food. I reward them for allowing me a photo shoot. The older ones wait patiently outside the door until I finish shooting. They'll finish up the food when I go back into the house. Spike the cat is sprawled in an old chair, yawning at the raccoons.

My wife thinks I'm nuts to have fallen under the spell of the adolescent raccoons. Since one of the young raccoons tries to get into the house every time the Maybe I am, but they are a lot of fun. I've ordered a sure-fire raccoon repellant that I know will work. It's coyote urine. Sprinkled around the area the raccoons frequent, it will scare them away. They're afraid of coyotes because they are one of the natural predators of raccoons. If this doesn't work, I'll order wolf urine.

Top Buffalo Grove Illinois Nuisance Raccoon Removal Company

Effective Buffalo Grove IL Pest Skunk Removal Company

Wildlife damage control is a crucial component of wildlife control on your residential or commercial property. As populace increases, more issues with wildlife happen. Wildlife has ended up being a significantly common problem in the city as well as the numbers maintain boosting.

Buffalo Grove IL

Nuisance Wildlife Trapping

Employing expert wildlife control services is the very best alternative for you. Trying to eliminate wild animals from your house without knowledge or ability puts you along with the animal in jeopardy. Some individuals might think that due to the dimension of an animal it could be easily gotten rid of but animals are not simply living animals that should be displaced yet they are additionally hassles attempting to endure in unknown environments. Some animals could venture into our houses as a result of the damage of their natural habitat with deforestation. This leaves them with no choice yet to move to a various area and fulfill their fundamental needs.

Buffalo Grove IL

Wildlife needs to be managed with treatment, throughout the animal removal process. The well-being of animals with each other with their kids has to be taken into consideration before taking any kind of action. Removal methods by accredited service technicians are far much safer for your home along with the owners. Service technicians from wildlife control firms have actually the knowledge called for to make certain that the procedures are type which the risk included is minimal. If you take place to find a damaged or orphaned animal, the most effective choice would be to call a specialist service. Their understanding, compassion and also experience make them perfect for animal recovery, rescue and also treatment.

Wildlife damage control is a crucial part of wildlife control on your residential or commercial property. Employing specialist wildlife control services is the finest option for you. Wildlife requires to be taken care of with care, during the animal removal procedure.

Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Buffalo Grove is a country town in Chicago, situated both in Cook as well as Lake Counties. The staying section is shared by members of other ethnic groups with Asians coming a remote 2nd with 15.99% adhered to by African Americans at 1.00%, Indigenous Americans at 0.16%, 0.0434 Pacific Islanders amongst other much smaller sized groups.

Area and also Background of Buffalo Grove, IL

Buffalo Grove, Illinois shares its boundaries with Arlington Levels to its south as well as southwest areas, Rolling to its southeast region, Deerfield as well as Riverwoods to its eastern area, Vermont Hills straight to its north, Lincolnshire to its northeast and Lengthy Grove to its northwest and also western regions.

Having received land gives from the government, many of them remained on for 5 years before finally resolving on their frontier residential property. His period was noted with great deals of turmoils and when the Germans came to this area about 6 years later, many land speculators marketed their lands to them.

Attractions in Buffalo Grove Illinois

Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education and learning

This gallery offers a rare opportunity to reconnect with the area's past and share in its heritage. Located along in Buffalo Grove at 9603 Woods Dr Skokie, it is a dreamland for a household out along with an academic journey. Plenty of car parking, building marvels are just several of the reasons you wish to check out the museum in your following journey to Buffalo Grove, IL.

Buffalo Grove Theatres

The theatres located along 120 Mchenry Rd, Buffalo Grove provide a distinct reward for film fans. Experience the current celeb chatters as well as film launches by visiting this impressive theatre. There is also ample auto parking, reliable ticketing system as well as more affordable film tickets contrasted to theaters of this stature.

Buffalo Grove is a country village in Chicago, situated both in Chef as well as Lake Counties. Situated along in Buffalo Grove at 9603 Woods Dr Skokie, it is an ideal place for a household out as well as an academic journey. Plenty of car parking, building wonders are simply some of the factors why you want to see the gallery in your next trip to Buffalo Grove, IL.

The theatres located along 120 Mchenry Rd, Buffalo Grove supply a special reward for movie enthusiasts.

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Best Wildlife Trapping Services


Wildlife could be beautiful, but wildlife can also be a nuisance if found living in an unacceptable place. We provide specialized animal removal services to help control wildlife. We'll remove wild animals out of your home or garden, including skunks, raccoons, squirrels, plus more. We fully understand the of the job, and you will be assured that we'll remove wildlife safely and effectively. Our staff members are educated and specially educated to handle wildlife. The us government regulates animal control to ensure animals are treated properly.





What Determines an Great Nuisance Wildlife Control Company


Today, there are several animal removal services claiming to get experts available. However, each and every them know what to do some barely have an idea of what this service entails. Therefore, before you contract any animal removal service you need to ensure that they hold the proper license allowing them are employed in their respective state or county. Moreover, they ought to hold the right insurance to allow for them work at home. We have the appropriate license and insurance allow us accomplish our duties stress-free. We are also well-trained professionals with extensive experience. Most demands nuisance removal involve skunks, raccoons, and squirrels.





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wildlife removal

Apparently, raccoons are the most destructive and nuisance wildlife animals. These animals are very-fitted to suburban environment, are smart, and adapt quickly with their surroundings. Homeowners have reported that raccoons search through their outdoor trash to consider meals and also enter houses you can eat food through the cupboards. We will allow you to remove raccoons immediately before they eat your outdoor cat or dog food.





Highest Rated Squirrel Removal Services


wildlife removal

Squirrels mate in the fall and spring, and that is when wildlife removal services receive most calls about the wildlife nuisance. In hot weather, however, squirrels can generate problems at any time. Our company offers 24/7 wildlife control service to give you the satisfaction you'll want to enjoy your house. Squirrels can destroy your house building materials by chewing through them. These animals really are a nuisance they're going to create a hole within your walls and gnaw on electrical, wires, and home alarm systems. Squirrels can also access your attic and poop there. We remove these creatures, then clean the surrounding, sanitize your house, and seal every one of the places that squirrels reap the benefits of.





Best Skunk Removal Services


Skunks are interesting creatures they are going to spray you from even 10 feet far from their anal glands like a defense mechanism. If you see a good skunks anywhere near your property then you should give us a call immediately to ensure that we can send our experienced professionals to come and remove these notoriously difficult animals to trap. Skunks are hard to remove and need only experienced professionals to hook.

Wildlife animals is usually a nuisance if living of us. Squirrels and skunks can leave feces and urine that can be hazardous on your health. But you do not have to bother with health issues anymore. Just e-mail us the next time you see these animals around your house and that we shall take them out immediately.








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